10 Best Weed Killers to Protect your Plants in 2021

Best Weed Killers

You come to your home after years, look at the dust all over the place. You venture into the backyard and further into the garden behind. You witness the dead plants with their shrunk leaves, the barren earth with spots of dried grass. You find weeds among this waste and single them out as the conspirator of this annihilation. You want to get rid of these weeds, uproot them out of your garden. But you don’t have the time to pick them out one-by-one. What do you do then? Your answer is a weed killer.

But how do you know which is the best weed killer? What is one to look for while buying a weed killer? Efficiency? Handling? Or price? The best weed killers should be able to tick all these boxes and if they are environment-friendly, that’s a bonus everyone can do with. So, I have gone ahead and compiled a list of weed killers which are the best in the market. I have assessed them on the above-mentioned factors and if they have any added qualities to them. Go ahead, take a look and see if you find the right weed killer for your garden.

List of 10 best Weed Killers in Australia

1. Rocky Point – Sugar Cane Mulch

Rocky Point Sugar Cane Mulch
This organic mulch is the bouncer that will guard your garden soil from any weeds. It’s totally safe to use and very clean, due to the dust-extracting process it has to go through. It is affordable and completely natural. This mulch by Rocky Point helps the soil retain moisture, nourishes it and suppresses any growing weeds.

Price: 12.04
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2. Richgro Beat A Weed Natural Weed Killer

Richgro Natural Weed Killer
If you need something fast-acting for a weed killer, the answer to your search is Richgro’s Beat A Weed. It contains natural actives like vinegar and common salt, and shows results within hours. It suppresses a range of objects like weeds, moss and algae. You can just spray a bit over your garden at night and find a garden free of weeds, moss and algae.

Price: 147.73
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3. Roundup 199940 Natural Weed Killer

Roundup 199940 Weed Killer
Roundup natural weed killer is a product of in-depth research and experiment. Hence, it is highly effective on annual weeds and also moss when, in contact. On applying, this solution wilts the weeds within 12 hours and so, you can sow your seeds again just after 24 hours. It is derived from naturally occurring substances and doesn’t leave any unwanted residue in the soil.

Price: 22.70
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4. Houseables Weed Torch Propane Burner

Houseables Weed Torch Propane Burner
Another effective way of killing weeds is to burn them. And there is no better equipment for the job than this propane burner. This burner has a propane or MAPP gas tank that only needs to be fastened open. Then, you just press the trigger and the flame comes out. The flame obliterates weeds and other insects in your garden and can be extinguished instantly once the job is done.

Price: $45.87
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5. Enforcer’s Drain Care Root Kill

Enforcer's Drain Care Root Kill
This 2 lbs can of weed killer has a much more specialized purpose. It is used to kill the roots/weeds that are found near the drainage pipes. This clears the drainage pipes and allows natural flow of sewage through them. Though, a very effective chemical consisting of copper sulphate, it doesn’t hurt the innocent trees and shrubs at all.

Price: $34.69
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6. Weedmat Woven Plant Cover

Weedmat Woven Plant Cover
Weeds won’t need to be removed if they aren’t allowed to grow in the first place. In simple words, you cover the whole area around the plants and weeds don’t have any space to root themselves. This woven plant cover does precisely that.

It is a multi-season cover that can be used in permanent planting areas to guard trees, shrubs and flowerbeds. This cover is an ideal guard for large-scale guards and vineyards and is an affordable method to prevent weeds in such places.

Price: 16.31
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7. Hot Devil Butane Torch Weed Killer

Hot Devil Butane Torch Weed Killer
This Butane torch is the literal devil for the weeds in your yard. It instantly kills the weeds and leaves no chemical residue behind. It has a long release pipe which means you don’t need to bend and can easily use it. It is lightweight and hence, easy to carry around.

Also, its flame can be adjusted according to the need of the user, simply by turning a valve. This Butane weed killer is best for weeds found in gardens, yards, pavements, etc.

Price: $54
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8. EnviroColor Black Forest Mulch Colour Concentrate

EnviroColor Black Forest Mulch Colour Concentrate
If you’ve already got mulch spread around your plants, you might want to restore it. It’s a hassle- laying new mulch once the previous one faded away. This Black Forest colour concentrate, which comes in a pump sprayer, puts a fresh color coating on your faded mulch. It’s a real money-saver as you don’t have to re-lay your mulch again and again.

Price: $45.5
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9. Richgro Tree & Blackberry & Woody Weed Killer

Richgro Tree Weed Killer
The Tree and Blackberry and Woody model of Richgro is the beast of weed killers. It is meant to deal with the sturdiest of weeds- the woody weeds. It is a highly concentrated weed killer and can be used with weeds found in gardens, parks, golf courses and factories. Simply put, it is an extremely reliable, affordable weed killer and falls in the best-in-the-business pile.

Price: $14.35
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10. Giantz 12V ATV Weed Sprayer

Let me clear it up before itself- this weed sprayer is not meant for individual use. With its 100L spray tank and a bulky 80 PSI pump, this sprayer can effectively cover large areas of greenery. The sprayer has 3 different nozzles to facilitate comfortable grip when being handheld.

Its best use lies in large farms and plantations where a smaller weed killer might not be able to deal with the problem. The price matches the purpose and hence, people should keep it in mind not to buy it for personal use.

So, these are a few things you can use to rid yourself of the weed-threat. It is a constant plague to your gardens and parks and require immediate doing away with. Weeds are not an issue to neglect, if you wish to keep your natural surroundings in good shape. It’s nature- things don’t take long to go wrong in it.

For that reason, it might be a good idea to keep a good weed killer in hand and use it regularly. Or as suggested above, a plant cover is also a good option if you simply wish to protect your shrubbery.


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