10 Best Pressure Cookers for 2021


As children, we didn’t have a lot of duties in the kitchen. In summers, we were asked to fill up bottles and put them in the refrigerator. We were expected to watch the milk as it warms. But there was one constant duty that we all had to perform diligently- to turn off the gas when the cooker has given 3 whistles. Our mothers would assign us this duty with the lowest of expectations. The struggle would begin then, as we tried to remember how many whistles had gone past. We would get scolded plenty by our mothers when we had failed to turn the gas off on time. And then, we would eat the overcooked rice or dal in silence.

Pressure cookers have been such a big part of our childhood. We all have seen our mothers cook something in them once. Our mouths would take the whistling of the cooker as the cue to start watering.

Be it a passion or a peaceful activity, cooking requires the best of equipment. If you’re looking to make the best jeera rice and dal to have, only the best of the pressure cookers will work. Here’s a list of such pressure cookers that you need to go through.

List of Top 10 Best Pressure Cookers for 2021

1. Hawkins CB15 1.5-liter Pressure Cooker

Hawkins CB15 1.5 liter Pressure Cooker
One of the simpler options on this list, this pressure cooker by Hawkins is an affordable option, for it gives you more in less. A hard-anodized body means that this pressure cooker heats your food faster while using up lesser flame. Its curved design allows for the heat to be evenly distributed while also making it easy to handle.

This Aluminium-made pressure cooker is resistant to corrosion. It comes with an improved pressure regulator that controls pressure better and reduces the sprouting of frothy foods like dal.

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2. Instant Pot Duo Nova Electric Multi Use Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Duo Nova Pressure Cooker
If you’re looking for a pressure cooker that is as easy as a microwave oven, this is the one you should buy. This multi-purpose machine can function as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer or yogurt maker; whatever you want to cook, this cooker will do. It cooks your meat just the way you want it, from rare to roast.

It comes in three variants- 3L, 5.7L and 8L. Depending on the occasion, you can pick the best pressure cooker for you.

Price $188
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3. Philips Viva Collection All in One Cooker

Philips Viva Cooker
If you’re not big on time, this all-in-one pressure cooker from Philips takes care of it, with its 7 cooking modes. You can cook your food in it at high or low temperature settings for up to 12 hours. Its 1000W power means that it heats your food 25 percent faster than its competitors.

This cooker has ProCeramic plus coating to prevent any scratches and a detachable inner lid which makes it easy to clean. That is why it is one of the best mid-range pressure cookers in the market. It is available in 6L and 8L variants.

Price $167
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4. Philips Premium Collection All-in-One Cooker

Philips Premium Collection Pressure Cooker
But if you’re willing to spend a little extra to get a premium-quality pressure cooker, Philips has one of those too. In addition to the Viva Collection pressure cooker’s features, It has a dual sensor within, allowing accurate temperature control. You get two separate inner pots with this cooker- one is made of stainless steel, the other of an aluminum alloy.

This is the pressure cooker you need to make the very best food for your family.

Price $315.30
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5. Prestige Svachh Deluxe Alpha 3-liter Pressure Cooker

Prestige Svachh Deluxe Pressure Cooker
When you think of pressure cookers, Prestige comes first to mind. One of the leading kitchen appliance brands in India, Prestige gives the best at low rates. This Deluxe Alpha variety is much the same, with its unique wide design which cooks your food 15% faster. Its deep lid prevents froth from sliding down the cooker.

And as is the case with all Prestige cookers, this one puts safety first. Its cool-touch weight ensures that your fingers don’t get burnt on touch.

Price $89
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6. Hawkins Stainless Steel 5-liter Pressure Cooker

Hawkins Steel Pressure Cook
As far as conventional home pressure cookers go, this one from Hawkins leads the pack. With a 5-liter capacity, it can easily cook for two people. Its extra-thick, heat-diffusing bottom ensures that the food doesn’t overheat or stick to the surface. This Hawkins pressure cooker is fry-compatible, which means that you can prepare onion rings or French fries in it, whenever you want. It is lightweight and easy to handle.

Price $150
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7. Prestige Deluxe 2-liter Handi

Prestige Deluxe Handi
If you’re looking to pressure cook your food, why not do it the traditional way? Be it cooking Chicken or simple Pulao, Prestige’s Deluxe Handi is up to the task. You can 3 dishes in this Handi at a time, while retaining the natural flavours of all. It comes with an in-built pressure indicator that lets you know if the pressure is too high or too low.

This is the best pressure cooker when it comes to cooking some nice ethnic food for a festive occasion.

Price $88.79
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8. Tefal Secure 5 Neo Pressure Cooker

Tefal Secure 5 Cooker
For the ones with big appetites and a need for delicious food, here’s a pressure cooker that won’t leave you hungry. From the French appliance brand of Tefal, this cooker gets its name for the 5 safety procedures that make cooking safe, even for your children. It offers 2 cooking programs depending on whether you are cooking a vegetable dish or a meat-based dish. The stainless steel build ensures that this cooker lasts very long.

Price $111
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9. T-fal Dishwasher-safe PFOA-free Pressure Cooker

T-fal Dishwasher safe Cooker
For the environment-friendly, anti-plastic foodies, this PFOA-free stainless steel pressure cooker from T-fal is just what you need. If you need a last-minute-fix meal, buy this pressure cooker. Conversely, if yours is a big family and a lot of meals to prepare, this cooker is perfect for that too. From beans to stew, cook just about anything at variable temperatures.

Price $123.26
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10. Prestige Deluxe Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker

Prestige Deluxe Hard Cooker
There is an indefinable quality about black pressure cookers that makes you buy them no matter what. They just stand apart from other appliances and utensils in your kitchen. And when it comes to black pressure cookers, this one from Prestige is the best.

It comes with an in-built controlled GRS (Gasket Release System), which means no extra noise or fuzz while your food’s cooking. It is available in 3 size variants- 3L, 5L, and 7.5L. Choose depending on your cooking needs.

Price $94.88
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