10 Best Mattress Toppers in Australia for 2021

Best Mattress Topper

Unable to get a good sleep due to the hard surface of your mattress? If your answer is yes, we have the best solution for you! With the help of a mattress topper, you will not only get proper sleep but it will also give you cloud-like comfort. Moreover, buying a mattress topper will act as an alternative to investing in a brand-new mattress.

You don’t have to step out of the house in search of an excellent mattress topper for your bed. In order to find the perfect one, all you need to do is go through the below list. We have made your work easy by curating 10 best mattress toppers for you! But, before rushing to the list, let us know what a mattress topper exactly is!

What is a mattress topper?
A mattress topper is different from a mattress pad. Mattress Toppers are several inches thicker than mattress pads and are specifically designed to make the mattress softer. A mattress topper when fixed on top of a mattress will give utmost protection and ease to the sleeper.

List of top 10 Mattress Toppers in Australia for 2020

Finding it difficult to choose the best mattress topper for your bed? Don’t worry! Just browse through the below list and pick the one that best suits your needs!

1Luxdream Mattress Topper

Luxdream Mattress Topper

First on our list is the remarkable mattress topper by Luxdream. Made using premium quality bamboo fiber, the topper is sure to boost breathability and ventilation. It is covered with a hypoallergenic non-woven cover that will protect you from bacteria and dust. Its cool gel infused technology will make you feel ultra-comfortable, providing a deep and flexible sleep pattern.

Key Features:

  • 8cm thick topper
  • Long lasting
  • 3D ventilation holes
  • Comes with 3 years warranty
  • Helps in promoting blood circulation in body

Price: $169.95
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2Giselle Bedding double Mattress Topper

Giselle Bedding double Mattress

Giselle Bedding’s double mattress topper is next on our list. Just put it on your mattress and see the magic. It will give you a luxurious feeling by gently adjusting to the curves of your body. The topper is produced using bamboo charcoal microfibre filling which is responsible for providing support to your every move. Its mind-blowing design and finishing also make it look lavish and classy.

Key Features:

  • Memory-resistant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-allergy
  • Diamond-pattern stitching
  • 45cm of elastic

Price: $69.95
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3Tempur-Pedic Premium Foam Mattress Topper

Tempur Pedic Premium Foam Mattress

Available in various sizes, this marvelous foam mattress topper by Tempur-Pedic is simply world-class. It is designed in such a way that it surely helps you get rid of all the body pains. It not only adjusts to your body shape but also responds to your body temperature. With the help of its washable cover, you can now stay tension-free and do away with all the dust easily.

Key Features:

  • It is made using 80% polyester and 20% propylene
  • Durable
  • Has 3-inch memory foam
  • 25 years of warranty

Price: $653.49
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4Zinus Trifold Mattress Topper

Zinus Trifold Mattress Topp

Looking for a foldable and multi-purpose mattress topper? The one by Zinus is all you need! Weighing approximately 6 kilograms, this mattress topper is made using natural ingredients. Because of its foldability, it is very flexible and can be carried anywhere. Unfold it and put it on your bed, fold it, and fix it on your sofa and simply place it on the ground to relax with your friends while you party.

Key Features:

  • Comes in two sizes; Single- 79 cm wide and Double- 138 cm wide
  • High quality foam
  • Durable
  • 1 year warranty

Price: $94.50
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5Giselle Bedding Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Giselle Bedding Memory Foam

Yet another outstanding mattress topper by Giselle is on our list. Its lofty softness and unique design are what make it so special. With over 1000 supporting points and an open-cell structure, the topper is sure to provide you relief from all sorts of joint pains. It comes with a washable cover that makes it look gorgeous and protects the topper from dust and bacteria.

Key Features:

  • It has a 7-zone contoured design
  • 100% visco foam elastic filling
  • 8 cm thickness
  • Foldable

Price: $149.95
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6DreamZ Bedding PillowTop Mattress Topper

DreamZ Top Mattress Topper

DreamZ’s Bedding PillowTop Mattress Topper tends to be one of the softest in the market. This finely crafted topper will prevent joint pains, muscle pain, stress, and reduce pressure points. The innovatively structured topper comes in white color and gives you peaceful sleep in a short time.

Key Features:

  • 5 cm thickness
  • Waterproof
  • Has 6D polyester ball fiber filling
  • 5 years warranty

Price: $57.95
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7Zinus Swirl Cool Gel Mattress Topper

Zinus Cool Gel Mattress Top

The amazing brand Zinus has another promising mattress topper to offer. Infused with cooling gel, it helps to dissipate heat and help you have an undisturbed sleep. This portable topper can be easily folded and shifted to another place. It is also eco-friendly, quality certified, and durable, making it the perfect fit for everyday use.

Key Features:

  • Has 4 cm of thickness
  • Made using swirl gel memory foam
  • 5 years of warranty

Price: $56.10
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8Luxury 1000GSM Bamboo Blend Mattress Topper

Luxury 1000GSM Mattress Top

This Australian mattress topper by Luxor is definitely worth buy. It will fit flawlessly on your mattress, making it extra mushy and protective. This thoughtfully designed topper comes in Queen size and white color. You can easily put it in a washing machine and eliminate all the dust and dirt.

Key Features:

  • Filled using 1000GSM bamboo ball fibre and microfibre blend
  • 40 cm fitted skirt
  • Weighs 3.2 kg

Price: $89.90
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9Giselle Bedding Natural Latex Mattress Topper

Giselle Latex Mattress Top

Made using natural material, this mattress topper is built using pure natural latex. With over thousands of vent holes, it provides phenomenal support to your body and tune-in with all your moves. It comes with a polyester cover that can be removed any time and washed to eradicate the dust.

Key Features:

  • It is 5 cm thick
  • It weighs 11.5 kgs
  • Honeycomb texture
  • Mildew-proof
  • Highly breathable

Price: $159.9
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10Bambury Sonar Thermal Balancing Mattress Topper

Bambury Balancing Mattress Top

Last but not least is the exceptional thermal balancing mattress topper by Bambury Sonar. Available in different sizes, this topper is designed in such a way that it can absorb, store and manage heat when you sleep. It also controls the production of moisture before it begins and makes your nights very cosy and pleasant.

Key Features:

  • It weighs 2.19 kgs
  • Maintains thermal compatibility between couples
  • Filled with cotton and made using polyester with outlast fibre

Price: $147.73
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Isn’t it high time you upgrade and enhance your mattress to get a relaxed sleep? Absolutely yes!! This is what has brought you to this article. All the above-listed mattress toppers are sure to make you feel snuggly and give you a refreshing sleep like never before! So, go through all the toppers and make a wise choice. Also, don’t forget to let us know which one you liked the most in the comments below.


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